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1951-15 adapter stud

The #1951-15 is a threaded stud that will allow the 100-25D to fit the PRS-15 repair stand. NOTE: The clamp will not fold downward as the original 100-15X clamp design. The #1951-15 adapter stud works only is the PRS-15 has the three-pointed knob behind the clamp, as seen on the ...

BB30 Bearing System Service

This article will discuss the removal and installation of the BB30 cartridge bottom bracket bearings.

Aero Lever Brake Splitter Installation

This article will discuss the installation of brake cable splitters for double control aero brake levers on racing bicycles.

Gore Ride-On Cable Installation

This article will describe the installation of the Gore® Ride-On® cable system.

In-Line Brake Levers (cross levers)

This article will discuss the installation of the in-line brake levers, also referred to as "cross levers."