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Self Extracting or One-Key Release Systems

Self-Extracting or One-Key Release Crank Systems

Shimano®, SRAM®, Truvativ®, FSA®, Race Face® and other crank manufacturers offer some crank models in a "self-extracting" or "one-key release" system. These system use a retaining ring over the crank bolt. This rin may look like a "dust cap". However the ring and crank bolt act together as a crank extractor.

The crank bolt of the self extracting system is a normal right-thread. The crank bolt tightens clockwise and loosens counter-clockwise. When the crank bolt is turned counter-clockwise, the shoulder of the bolt presses back against a crank bolt retaining ring. The ring then pulls the arm from the spindle. No additonal crank remover tool is required. FSA® uses a 27mm thread for the retaining ring in a right hand thread. Race Face® uses a 27mm thread in a left-hand thread. No puller is available in the 27mm sizing.

Leave the retaining ring of the self-extracting systems in place in the arm. Do not remove the retaining ring. This system may be found on the square type spindles as well as the oversized pipe billet spindles (ISIS Drive, Octalink, BB30).

It is important that the retaining ring be secure into the arm. The retaining rings from Race Face® use a left-thread, which tightens counter-clockwise, as indicated by arrows on the cap.

One-Key-Release System
Self-extracting system with pin holes in retaining cap

Self-extracting system with hole fitting in retaining cap


FSA® self-extracting arm with ring and bolt in place

FSA® retaining ring removed with SPA-2. Bolt is below ring.


Race Face
Race Face® self-extracting and retaining ring. Notice arrow to tighten ring counter-clockwise.


Race Face® retaining ring and bolt removed


SRAM® and Truativ® use a hex shaped in self-extracting retaining ring

SRAM® retaining ring uses a 16mm hex to secure. Use a 5/8" hex head bolt as a substitute.