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Chain Cleaning with a Park Tool Chain Scrubber Video

Chain cleaning is an essential part of bike maintenance. It extends the life of your whole drivetrain and greatly improves shifting and overall drivetrain function. This repair help article will walk you through each step of cleaning and lubing a drivetrain.

TS-RK Installation

This article will discuss the installation of the TS-RK rebuild kit into older TS-2 Truing Stands.

Coaster Hub Overhaul (Pedal Brake Hub)

This article with discuss the basic bearing service of coaster-brake hubs, also referred to as a "back pedaling brake."

Bottom Bracket Service: PF30

This article reviews bearing removal and installation for PF30 press fit bottom brackets.

PFP-6 and PFP-3 Service

This article will discuss the service of the PFP-6 Home Mechanic Floor Pump and the PFP-3 Floor Pump (both discontinued).

Star Fangled Nut and Expansion Plug Installation

This article will review installing and removing the "star-nut" into threadless fork steering columns. This article will also review the "expansion plug" installation.

Bike Washing and Cleaning Video

This article will discuss how to wash a bike, including the frame, drivetrain and wheels. Cleaning the bicycle makes it look great, last longer, and improves performance.

Head Tube Reaming and Facing

This article will discuss the reaming and facing of the head tube. For the integrated headsets, see Integrated Headsets below.

Pedal Installation and Removal Video

This article will discuss the correct procedure for installing and removing bike pedals.

Home Mechanic Tool List: Advanced

Maintaining your own bike can be fun, but it can also be confusing at times to know which tools you will need to perform the service you want. Below are a series of recommended tool lists for general maintenance of the average road or off-road bike. Attempt to develop two sets of tools: one for inside a seat bag for on-the-trail/road use, and another set for home use.

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