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Tubeless Tire Conversion & Installation: Fat Bikes

A clear and easy to follow guide on fat tire bike tubeless conversion and installation. 

Crank Removal and Installation: Two-Piece Compression Slotted

This article will review removal and installation of two-piece compression slotted cranks such as Shimano® Hollowtech® II.

Mavic® Cosmic® Carbone SLR Service

This article will review the truing and service of the Mavic® Cosmic® Carbone SLR. For measuring tension on the Cosmic® Carbone SLR use the TM-1 with the most current tension chart (downloadable via the TM-1 product page).

Bottom Bracket Service: One-Piece

This article will discuss service on one-piece crank bottom bracket bearings ("Ashtabula"). It will also discuss pressing the three-piece cartridge bearings into the Ashtabula bottom bracket shell.

Tubular Tire Gluing (Sew Up)

This article will discuss the mounting and gluing of tubular tires. The tubular tire is made from a tire casing that is then sewn around an inner tube. The stitching is covered with a strip of cloth called "base tape". The tubular is then glued to a special rim, called a tubular rim. The tubular system is not interchangeable with the common "clincher" system.

PFP-5 Floor Pump Service

This article will discuss the service of the PFP-5 Home Mechanic Floor Pump (discontinued)

Crank Removal and Installation: Three-Piece

This article will demonstrate removal and installation of three-piece cranks. It covers square tapered spindles as well as splined style such as ISIS Drive and Octalink.

Crank Removal and Installation: Self-Extracting

This article will review removal and installation of self-extracting type cranks.

Ceramic Bearings

This article will discuss the specifications and proper servicing of ceramic bearings.

Generational Changes in Repair Stands

This article will discuss the generational changes in repair stands. There have been running changes made through the years on several models. Some models are now discontinued. Find parts diagrams for these and virtually all other repair stands we have produced in the product documentation library.

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