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Home Mechanic Tool List — Novice

Maintaining your own bike can be fun, but it can also be confusing at times to know which tools you will need to perform the service you want. Below are a series of recommended tool lists for general maintenance of the average road or off-road bike. Attempt to develop two sets of tools: one for inside a seat bag for on-the-trail/road use, and another set for home use.

Because these lists are for "average" bikes, your particular bike may need more, less, or slightly different tools than what is listed here. For example, if your bike has a "threadless" headset, you will not need the headset wrench listed for threaded headsets. When in doubt, bring your bike to a professional bike shop and ask about a specific procedure or tool. Better yet, sign up for the Park Tool School, a class in bicycle maintenance at your local shop.

There are several sources of tools. Non-bicycle specific tools are usually available at better hardware stores, automotive shops, tool stores, and some department stores. Check with your local bike shop for specialty bicycle tools. When a Park Tool is our recommendation, the tool number is given. There are some cases where there may be more than one Park Tool that will work — in these cases, we will recommend either the most common or the simplest tool.

Besides being capable of performing the services of fixing a flat tire, lubricating the chain, and cleaning the bike, you want to be able to do things like replace the chain, gear cables and housing. You may want to get the wheels straight and true enough to clear the brake pads, and have the brakes adequately adjusted. Other repairs, such as bearing overhaul or derailleur replacement, we assume will be done by a professional bicycle shop.

Item Park Tool Product
or possible tool source
More Information
Bicycle Repair Stand See Portable Repair Stand Category Consider PCS-10, PRS-25, PRS-20, and or PCS-4. Repair stands lift the bike off of ground and allows bike to be rotated for easy work.
Metric Wrenches, especially 8,9,10, 11mm Hardware/tool or Park Tool CBW-1 & CBW-4  
Shop Apron Park Tool SA-1  
Hex Wrench Set Park Tool AWS-10  
Cone Wrench 13-14mm Park Tool DCW-1 Common sizes for front hubs and some hub locknuts. 
Cone Wrench 15-16mm Park Tool DCW-2 Common sizes for rear hubs and some hub locknuts. 
Screwdriver Set
3/16" and 1/4" Straight Blade
#0 and #2 Phillips
Park Tool SD-SET Used to adjust derailleur limit screws. 
Needle Nose Pliers, 6" needle nose Park Tool NP-6  
Adjustable Wrench, 12" Park Tool PAW-12  
Spoke Wrenches Park Tool Spoke Wrench category Purchase the smallest size that fits the spoke nipples. Special unique wrenches may also be necessary.
Tire Levers Park Tool, various models  
Patch Kit Park Tool GP-2 or VP-1  
Floor Pump Park Tool PFP-8 Home Mechanic Floor Pump Fits both presta and Schrader valves
Pedal Wrench Park Tool PW-5  
Drive Train Cleaning Kit Park Tool CG-2.2

Includes cleaning fluid CB-5, Gear Brush GSC-1, and Chain Scrubber CM-5

Chain Rivet Extractor Park Tool CT-5, CT-6.3, or CT-3.2 For removing old chains and installing new chains
Cable Cutters Park Tool CN-10  


Bearing Grease Park Tool PPL-1. Safe for suspension elastomers and safe on carbon.
Bicycle Cleaning Kit Park Tool BCB-4.2
Chain Lubrication Park Tool CL-1
Degreaser for chain and parts Park Tool CB-2 Citrus ChainBrite
Hand Cleaner
Available from grocery and hardware stores
Alcohol For cleaning brake surfaces and press fits
Polisher (glass cleaner, etc.) For cleaning frames
Zip ties Various sizes and colors
Rags Lots and lots of cotton rags