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CBP Puller Repair

This article will review the replacement of the pulling caliper finger part #1193-2 on the CPB-3 (figure 1). Bearings and cranks that are seized in place may exceed the strength of the caliper and this may cause the caliper to fail.

Figure 1. CPB-3 puller

Begin by removing the pin for the cross member (figure 2). Use a small punch to drive the pin out one side on the side plate.

Figure 2. Drive pin from cross member


Center cross member over an open vise to all pin to pass out of back side of cross member (figure 3).


Figure 3. Use vise to support cross member


Drive pin far enough to allow caliper to be removed (figure 4).  Install new caliper in cross bracket in place of old caliper. 

Figure 4. Caliper part #1193-2 can now be replaced


Support cross member over vise and tap pin back into place (figure 5). Tool is ready for use.

Figure 5. Re-install pin into cross member and though caliper hole