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This article will discuss the centering procedures for the TS-2.2 and the TS-2 truing stand. The same procedures and concepts apply to both stands. The TS-2 truing stand is adjusted at the factory to center the rim between the calipers. With use, the TS-2 can come out of center. For precis...

PFP-6 and PFP-3 Service

This article will discuss the service of the PFP-6 Home Mechanic Floor Pumpand the PFP-3 (discontiued) Floor Pump. Pump Head- #1081 The pump head (part #1081) uses two gaskets that may be replaced or simply reversed. It is first necessary to disassemble the pump alloy head assembly . Each gaske...

PFP-4 and PFP-2 Service

This article will discuss the following services of the PFP-4 Professional Floor Pump: Gauge Replacement- #1064 1. Unthread and remove blue ring counter-clockwise. 2. Plug hose end with thumb, and work handle up and down to build pressure. Pressure will build and pop gauge upw...

PFP-5 Service

PFP-5 Floor Pump Service This article will discuss the service of the PFP-5 Home Mechanic Floor Pump. See a parts diagram here. Pump Head With repeated use, the gaskets of any pump will begin to wear. The PFP-5 pump head uses two gaskets that may be reversed to gain more service. T...

Generational Changes in Repair Stands

This article will discuss the generational changes in repair stands. Changes will discussed in the PCS-1 Home Mechanic Repair Stand, and the discontinued PRS-5, and the PRS-6 repair stands.

Replacement Clamp Covers

This article will review replacement jaw clamp covers. There are several clamp covers available depending upon the model and generation of your stand.

CN-10 Cable Cutter Adjustment

This article will discuss the adjustment of the CN-10. There have been several generations of the CN-10, and the concepts below apply to all. Cable cutters rely upon correct adjustment to keep the cutting blades operating properly. If the tool is not cutting correctly it may need adju...

Digital Caliper Use

This article will discuss the use of the Park Tool Digital Caliper DC-1.

PCS-10 Assembly

This article will discuss the assembly and use of the PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand.

Torque Wrench Use

This article will discuss the use of the TW-1 and TW-2 torque wrenches.

100-4X, 100-15X & 100-6X, and PRS-15 Service

This article will discuss the service of the 100-4X and 100-15X Extreme Range Clamps.

1951-15 adapter stud

The #1951-15 is a threaded stud that will allow the 100-25D to fit the PRS-15 repair stand. NOTE: The clamp will not fold downward as the original 100-15X clamp design. The #1951-15 adapter stud works only is the PRS-15 has the three-pointed knob behind the clamp, as seen on the ...

TS-RK Installation

This article will discuss the installation of the TS-RK rebuild kit into older TS-2 Truing Stands. For centering procedures see Centering the TS-2.   Loosen set screws or cap screws located on both main shaft adjusting collars #209-2. Collars should rotate freely on main shaft ...

CBP Puller Repair

This article will review the replacement of the pulling caliper finger part #1193-2 on the CPB-3 (figure 1). Bearings and cranks that are seized in place may exceed the strength of the caliper and this may cause the caliper to fail. Figure 1. CPB-3 puller Begin by removing the pin for the cr...

PFP-2 Pump Recall

Park Tool Company has discovered a defect in a small percentage of PFP-2 Professional Floor Pumps. Under certain conditions, the check valve on the PFP-2 could fail. If this occurs, the pump's handle could quickly rise upward without warning, potentially causing injury to the user. In order to...