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Chain Length Sizing

This article will discuss sizing derailleur chain to length.

Chain Installation—Derailleur Bikes

This article will discuss the removal and installation of chain on derailleur bicycles.

Chain Cleaning using the CM-5.2 Cyclone™ Chain Scrubber

This article will discuss the use the CM-5.2 Cyclone™ Chain Scrubber. These concepts also apply to other chain cleaners.

11-speed Chain Service with the CT-4.3

This article will review the Campagnolo® 11-speed chain service with the Park Tool CT-4.3.

Tight Link Repair

This article will discuss loosening a tight link on a derailleur chain.

Chain Tension on One Speed Bikes

This article will address the adjusting chain tension on bicycle with a single sprocket in the rear and a single sprocket in front. It is assumed there is no derailleur or other chain tensioning devise. For derailleur chain sizing see chain sizing.

Chain Tension for Tandem Front End

This article will discuss sizing the captain-to-stoker chain for tandems, called the "primary" chain. This is the chain that connects the front rings to the back rings. Setting chain tension will also be discussed.

Chainline Concepts

This article with discuss the concept of chainline. See also related article on frame alignment.

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