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A collection of mechanical musings, advice, news, and other interesting things from Park Tool.

  • Santa Story

    In the frozen plains of Saint Paul, Minnesota, each December heralds the annual emergence of the famous Park Tool Santa. Read to learn more about this local fixture.

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  • USA Cycling Race Mechanic Clinic

    Every year USA Cycling, the National governing body for bike racing in the USA, hosts the Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic. The first clinic, held in 1988, was created by USA Cycling Head Equipment Manager, the late Bill Woodul. The clinic offers a unique venue for the education of the race mechanic found no where else in the world.

    The focus during December 1–5, 2010 was on what it takes to provide the service and support required at competitive cycling events.

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    Read to learn about how Park Tools are helping people in Haiti.

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  • Park Tool Receives “Bicycle Friendly Business” Designation

    The League of American Bicyclists has named Park Tool as a Bicycle Friendly Business. The League’s Allison Dewey told Park Tool, "Your business is doing amazing things for its employees and the greater bicycling community! We are very impressed to say the least!"

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  • Ride 2 Recovery: Great Lakes Challenge

    The Ride 2 Recovery is a non-profit organization that sponsors rides around the USA for injured military veterans. Ride 2 Recovery considers cycling an important part of the recovery process. It is something most all of the patients with mental and physical disabilities can participate in, and it's just fun.

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  • Measuring Up

    How we choose to measure things is important. Most of the world uses the metric system of measurement. While the metric system is based on a standard meter, for mechanical uses such as on bicycles, it is will help to understand metrics better if you consider the millimeter the basic unit.

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  • MarathonMan—Europe 2010 in the Czech Republic

    More racing in the Czech Republic and that means more work for PedalSport. The event is a series of races for the general sporting public, and licensed and amateur racers, as well as handicapped sportsmen's class. Also held was UCI CN - Czech Championship in 2010 in XCM, the MarathonMan - Europe 2010 and the iVelo Bike Marathon 2010 series.

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  • Inside Minnesota's Booming Bike Economy

    When your state lays claim to having the No. 1 biking city in the nation, it’s good for more than just cyclists; it’s good for the whole economy—here’s how.

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  • Miller School adds Cycling Program

    We received pictures from Peter Hufnagel of the Miller School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Peter has started a high school cycling program which includes extensive instruction in bicycle mechanics.

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  • Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Bells

    Bike gatherings are always of interest, at least to bike-minded people. In the middle of June there was something of a "gathering of tribes" in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. The Nature Valley Grand Prix was in town. Cyclists clad in bright Lycra from all over the USA and the world are competing here in a grueling five-day race. The bikes are sleek, the athletes fit, and everyone shares a common goal... to WIN!!

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