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A collection of mechanical musings, advice, news, and other interesting things from Park Tool.

  • 2011 USA Cycling Race Mechanic Clinic

    Each year since 1987, I have taught at the Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic, hosted by USA Cycling. Bill was a former USAC Equipment manager. We lost Bill to cancer in 1996, but it was this man who created the clinic as a place to share experience and knowledge with newer mechanics.

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  • Park Tool is Working with the World's Best Cycling Teams Again in 2012

    In the fall, professional cycling teams put the finishing touches on their roster for the next year. This roster is not confined to the athletes. They must also decide on the support staff, sponsors and suppliers. There is a lot of negotiating going on.

    Each year, we at Park Tool look to work with the best teams in the world. Because of the quality of our product and our experience in the industry, we are usually successful. 2012 is no exception.

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  • Bringing a Peugeot Mont-Cenis Back to Life

    Reconditioning work on older vehicles such as hot rods, airplanes, tractors and bicycles can be a lot of fun. It is best to keep this in mind when taking on such a project. It should be fun. Just keep reminding yourself of this, no matter how frustrating and expensive it becomes. In almost all cases, the work should be done for the love of the machine and the love of the process. You will not have a chance to sell the vehicle at a huge profit. There is no one out there who's just been waiting on eBay for this very bike you hauled out of the garbage/garage/yard sale. On the other hand, they say there is one born every minute...

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  • Ride 2 Recovery

    Park Tool is a supplier to Ride 2 Recovery, a national program that helps injured veterans overcome obstacles they face. Cycling is their core activity, and they partner with the Fitness Challenge Foundation to support Spinning® Recovery labs and outdoor cycling programs at Military and Veteran Administration locations around the USA.

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  • UCI World Cup in the Czech Republic

    UCI Mountain Bike World Cup for cross country was recently at Nove Mesto Na Morave in the Czech Republic (southeast of Prague). Our distributor, Pedal Sport, was on site to keep all the two wheelers rolling. Congratulations to Czech rider, Jaroslav Kulhavy, winning the Elite Men XC.

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  • Cities Visit Minneapolis to Learn Best Practices

    Park Tool was one of the companies who played host to nine senior transportation leaders and policy makers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Columbus, Ohio, who visited Minneapolis to tour the city’s vast bicycling network last week.

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  • Disc Brake Squeal: A Case Study

    This Calvin's Corner reviews a singular case of disc brake squeal.

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  • Congressman Oberstar Tours Park Tool Factory

    Former Congressman James Oberstar paid a visit to Park Tool’s Saint Paul, MN headquarters on Friday.

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  • Mechanics Speak

    We recently went out west to follow the Tour of California. It was a great chance to talk to many of our friends who fill the ranks of professional team mechanics. Here's what it looked like.

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  • TOUR OF CALIFORNIA UPDATE—Stories from Car 1

    Here at the Amgen Tour of California The Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Health team will have 2 cars in the race caravan. Only UCI stage races of this caliber will allow this. Each team car will follow the race. Like I mentioned before the 3 mechanics here including myself will rotate between jobs of either riding in the back of team car 1 or 2, or taking care of luggage. For stage 3 it was my turn to ride in team car 1.

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