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A collection of mechanical musings, advice, news, and other interesting things from Park Tool.

  • Wheel Tension App Overview

    Wheel truing can be great fun. It provides us chance to focus on something that should be simple, something that bends to our will, so to speak. Get a cup of good coffee, sit yourself in front of a truing stand, and meditate on making a perfect wheel.

    There are of course many tools that can help you make better wheels. Truing stands, spoke wrenches, dishing tools, and a TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter will make things go right. With the TM-1, you can know the tightness of the spokes overall (average spoke tension) as well as know the relative spoke tension (how tight each spoke is relative to the other spokes in the wheel).

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  • Road Race Support for Team 3M

    The topic of this Calvin's Corner will be the technical support for the 3M Cycling Team. The 3M Corporation is based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. It is, after all, "Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing." The team is here to race the North Star Gran Prix. This is a stage race for road bikes, and as always it is the preparation that make all smooth and nice for the team.

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  • New Park Tool Factory Tour Video

    Get a behind the scenes tour of our factory in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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  • Park Tool Announces 2014 Team Sponsorships

    Park Tool, the world’s largest bicycle tool manufacturer, today announced its team sponsorships for 2014, which incude five World Tour Teams. Park Tool will supply the mechanics of sponsored teams with bicycle tools and repair stands. Founded in 1963, Park Tool has team relationships dating back more than 20 years and is proud to sponsor multi-discipline men’s and women’s teams around the world in 2014:

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  • The Slow-Time is the Right Time for Shop Inspection

    In the bicycle retail business, the slower off-season is the perfect time to do things you've put off during the crazy, busy summer, including a detailed shop inspection. Use this downtime as an opportunity to go through your tools, materials, and equipment to determine what is worn out and needs to be replaced or replenished. When the warmer weather hits, the customers roll in, and the work starts stacking up, you will be ready to crank out the service. Now is also the time to look at new tools that will help you service bikes with new or updated technology.

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  • Behind the Scenes article from Cyclist

    This great article that gives a glimpse behind the scenes at Park Tool from our friends at UK magazine Cyclist.

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  • American Restoration Episode Features Park Tool

    Park Tool President Eric Hawkins made a guest appearance on The History Channel’s reality TV-show American Restoration.

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  • Thermodynamics: What can it do for you?

    We live in a world of hot and cold, so we might as well put them to use. When you get out of your comfort zone, say, for example, into deep space, you might truly get to experience extreme temperature ranges. Cold so cold that gases become liquids, and hots so hot that metals run like water, or so it is said.

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  • Park Tool Debuts New Products at Interbike 2013

    Check out the video below to watch Max introduce the new products coming out from Park Tool.

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  • Park Tool's Eric Hawkins Interviewed on Interbike TV

    Park Tool President Eric Hawkins talks about our role at Interbike, 50th Anniversary, and new products during a TV interview at Interbike.

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