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  • Inside Minnesota's Booming Bike Economy

    When your state lays claim to having the No. 1 biking city in the nation, it’s good for more than just cyclists; it’s good for the whole economy—here’s how.

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  • Miller School adds Cycling Program

    We received pictures from Peter Hufnagel of the Miller School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Peter has started a high school cycling program which includes extensive instruction in bicycle mechanics.

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  • Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Bells

    Bike gatherings are always of interest, at least to bike-minded people. In the middle of June there was something of a "gathering of tribes" in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. The Nature Valley Grand Prix was in town. Cyclists clad in bright Lycra from all over the USA and the world are competing here in a grueling five-day race. The bikes are sleek, the athletes fit, and everyone shares a common goal... to WIN!!

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  • How About Those Minnesotans?

    Park Tool's home state of Minnesota introduces the nation's largest bike sharing program.

    Nice Ride Minnesota's Phase 1 Plan calls for 1,000 bikes in 75 kiosks in downtown Minneapolis, on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus, and in surrounding commercial areas, including Uptown, Lyn-Lake, Midtown, Seward, Dinkytown, Cedar-Riverside, the West Bank, the Warehouse District, and Old St. Anthony. 700 of those bikes and 65 kiosks are being installed now.

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  • 2010 Park Tool Tech Summit Wrap Up

    On February 2nd in San Jose, CA, Park Tool wrapped up our 2010 series of our Park Tool Tech Summit. This is the most noteworthy and effective program of field training clinics for bicycle mechanics in the country. This year we hosted 650 professional mechanics in three cities, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Jose. We were joined by 7 of the top component manufacturers in the world. Shimano®, SRAM®, Rock Shox®, Fox®, Mavic®, Hayes®, and Campagnolo®.

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  • Getting a Sense of the Problem

    In bicycle repair, or any other mechanical work for that matter, we should bring to the table our five senses. We need as much input as possible in order to process the data and come to a resolution on the issues before us. This article will expatiate upon the "five senses" and how they facilitate our ability to diagnose and repair. There are some that may advocate for a sixth sense, but you will not find me among them.

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  • Campagnolo® Ultra-Torque™ and Record® Group

    As manufacturers release new groups and components, there are often new features that require new service procedures. This article will discuss the newer component groups available from Campagnolo®.

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  • CYCLING... the book

    With the arrival of summer, it is primetime for good riding and fine reading. In this edition of Calvin's corner I will provide a book report of a tome which influenced me, and my way of thinking. It is sometimes long after reading a piece of literature, and then by rereading it, does it become clear what it means to you. Such a book is CYCLING, published by the C.O.N.I. (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano), Rome, Italy.

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  • Gore® Ride-On® Cable Installation

    This article will describe the installation of the Gore® Ride-On® cable system. This is a cable housing system that relies on a tubing system to seal the inner shifting or brake wire, thereby preventing dirt and water from entering. The system is composed of housing, a full length removable liner tube, a coated brake (or shift) wire, end caps (ferrules) for both frame housing stops and component housing stops, "grub" seals for ends of the wire system, cable end crimps, and crimp covers.

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  • Shimano® Coasting System

    This article will discuss the Shimano® "Coasting" system. The Coasting system uses a 3-speed internal hub. The shifting is done automatically the "Automatic Unit" (AI). The electricity to operate the Automatic Unit comes from the dynamo (generating) front hub.

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