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A look back

Fall is always to good time for retrospection. Looking back, way back in my case, I realize perhaps that I have not changed much. For example, in Figure 1, we see the definition of cool in what was perhaps 1974.

Figure 1. Coolness defined by the gestalt of blue jean shorts, polyester short sleeve shirt with torn pocket, knit cycling gloves, and red-while-blue trimmed sunglasses. I stand aside my Andre Bertin, with Cinelli unicanitor #3 buffalo skin saddle.

Okay, perhaps I was unable to maintain that level of coolness. It was during these early years that I was filled with aspirations of cycling greatness, my choice of weapon being a Schwinn Paramount (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Tubular tires, 52/42 front rings, wool, and Reynolds 531 tubing, all propelled by my huge pistons.

While I might be tempted to say that I crushed the peloton, it might more accurate to say that my road forward lay in a different direction. I made my way by working in shops and then for teams (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Ready to roll to a race near you.

The years have only served to increase my appreciation for the bicycle, and of those who ride them. I have always felt that each vehicle is deserving of the attention of a skilled technician. In this, I have not changed, even after all these years...

Figure 4. A hot afternoon in the Tour of Texas, just right for washing and a sun tan.