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Shop Rag Iss. 4 — Aluminum to Zinc

Material selection is one of the most important decisions in the creation of a new tool. The number of materials seen in the bike industry is a testament to the adoption of various materials and the exploitation of their unique properties for specific purposes. Just like a frame could be ...

Shop Rag Iss. 3 — How We Keep Blue Tools in Your Tool Box

Each and every one of our tools has a story to tell long before it reaches your workbench. All of our tools have gone through many changes and a lot of “what if we did it this way” conversations. When we are finally happy with what the final product will be, then, and only the...

New Park Tool Factory Tour Video

Get a behind the scenes tour of our factory in St. Paul, Minnesota.

American Restoration Episode Features Park Tool

Park Tool President Eric Hawkins made a guest appearance on The History Channel’s reality TV-show American Restoration. The episode premiered January 28th and can be viewed online here. Park Tool, the world’s largest bicycle tool manufacturer, commissioned Rick Dale a...

Park Tool Debuts New Products at Interbike 2013

Check out the video below to watch Max introduce the new products coming out from Park Tool.